What is the Transplant Support Network?

The Transplant Support Network (TSN) is the only nationwide network that provides support - usually over the telephone - to patients, family and carers of all solid organ transplants and mechanical implants. As well as giving patients access to someone who has undergone the same transplantation process as them, it provides the same unique opportunity for the family and carers, who live through the many ups and downs before, during and after a transplant.


Why do we need the Transplant Support Network?

Because it provides one-to-one contact with a supporter who has ‘been where you are now’. Going through the transplantation process isn’t easy and involves a number of issues. A transplant is often the only answer to life-threatening conditions. It exchanges one set of problems for another which can include dealing with drug regimes and side effects, as well as fears about rejection. Many people feel alone, frightened, angry, guilty and much more. Some have concerns over work or finances and there can be stresses that have serious effects upon family and friends.

Can the Transplant Support Network help?

TSN has trained a number of volunteers from around the country who have been touched by transplantation. They offer an ear to listen to your individual situation, reassurance, understanding and non-medical advice and information.

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